Berlin Marathon Report

September 29th 2019

What an incredible group of friends and family made up this group of 16 athletes Running for Cameron on Sunday at the Berlin Marathon.

It was never going to be easy.... training for a Marathon takes months and months of determination and sacrifices. 16 like minded souls were running with various injuries - heart, hips, sprained ankle, broken toe, dodgy hamstrings and many other niggling aches and pains.   But you would never have believed it if you saw them run! This super fast Marathon was always going to be a challenge.  The weather had forecast rain and rain it did!  With just sprinkles at the beginning, it soon turned to a heavy downpour, making it harder to see and avoid running into someone, which was not easy as there were 47,000 other runners!

Running for Cameron Team of 16
Fact and Figures

First time Marathon runners: 9
Fastest time: 3 hrs 6 mins 30 seconds
Number of runners who got a Personal Best: 12
First time running in Berlin: 15
Ages: 18 - 59

Kevin and Sienna admiring the Brandenburg Gate


Lovely supporters Julia and Lydia

Our amazing supporters Maddie, Jack and Lila

Boissier and Hardman family

Great style and smiles from James Bird

Despite everything, we all made it! I have never been so proud of every single team member - they never gave up and ran on in spite of everything.  But....... we could not have done it without our supporters. They were the real stars - they supported us in the rain for 5 hours and ran from one place to another to see us again and again as we shuffled past. They were amazing, their cheers and shouts and jumps kept us going and it was the thought of seeing them pop up again somewhere that got us to run on and on! We could not be more grateful to them all for carrying us forward on the day.  As anyone who has run a marathon knows, having supporters is crucial.

Corinne and Clare at the start line

Full of smiles at the start line - Carl, Natasha, Franca, Rupert, Harriet, Catherine, Christopher and James

Corinne amongst some of the 47,000 runners

Franca, with a little help from her encouraging daughter Cosie who ran with her for the final 6km

Lars gets support from his No. one supporters, Aurora and Nils

Harriet and Natasha in full flow, despite the rain

Hugo savours reaching the finish line

Delighted to be finished!

The long route.... 42km or 26.2miles

Rupert and Hugo drown their aches and pain in German beer

Jacqui, Nicholas, Aurora, Carl and Corinne ready to party

Paul, Helen and Geoff enjoy the after party!

No trip to Berlin is complete without a scooter ride. Natasha, Charlotte and Harriet

And finally at the airport on our way home... Hugo and Benedict (no, crutches weren't from an injury in Berlin)

Franca ready to get home

Corinne and Rupert ready for takeoff

Thank you for all your incredibly generous donations and moral support.
See you next time at the start line!! 


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