Running one and a half marathons for Cameron

Corinne will be running two iconic road races in the space of two weeks to raise funds for the Trust. She will start with the London Landmark Half Marathon on the 7th April and finish with the full London Marathon on the 21st April.

"I was again very fortunate to receive a Good For Age place at this year’s coveted London Marathon. What a privilege it is to get a chance to run with well over 45,000 participants, through the streets of London. And nearly everyone is running in memory of someone and raising money for an amazing charity. No other Marathon has such a huge impact, raising £58.3 million last year.

For the first time, I also got a spot in the ballot at the London Landmarks Half Marathon. Together with 18,000 other runners, I will be running through the City of London and all of the Capital's landmarks, the prefect pre-Marathon challenge!

I am running in memory of Cameron and to raise money for the charity we have set up to inspire young people to connect and appreciate nature and he was always keen to share his enthusiasm and knowledge with others. Our aim is to reach young people by sponsoring events that enable them to be immersed in nature. 

Any donation big or small is so much appreciated and makes a huge difference to our work. Cameron continues to inspire me everyday and running has been a huge help in coping with our devastating loss. 

Thank you for supporting us these last 10 years, we could not have done it without you."

Corinne Cruickshank

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Corinne will be running one and a half marathons in the space of two weeks

Cameron was always willing to share his love and knowledge of wildlife