Sponsored Wildlife Walk


Congratulations to Mya; her sponsored walk managed to raise £767.00 for the Trust. Her vlog from the walk was featured on the Self Isolation Bird Club broadcast... about 38 minutes in.

RSPB Pulborough Brooks: 21 September 2020

To celebrate her 18th birthday, Young Ambassador Mya Bambrick will be completing a sponsored wildlife walk at her favourite local nature reserve, RSPB Pulborough Brooks.

Mya aims to see as much wildlife as possible and vlog and photograph what she sees along the way. But most importantly she wants to raise money as much money as possible for the Cameron Bespolka Trust. You will be able to check Mya's progress on her twitter account @myabambrick1.

In the video Mya explains why she will be celebrating her 18th birthday by walking for Cameron

As I have grown up, my connection with nature and birding in particular has grown considerably. However, one thing stood out, the lack of young people in birding and the difficulties connecting and reaching out to those who are also interested.

Mya Bambrick

Mya spends her time photographing wildlife of all shapes and sizes

Since the age of eight, Mya has have had a strong passion for the natural world, especially birds. Most weekends, she spends birding at her local nature reserves, RSPB Pulborough Brooks or Pagham Harbour, or just watching the wildlife in her own garden. 

We are incredibly grateful to Mya for deciding to spend her birthday raising funds for the Trust. Please support her if you can.