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Training for a week long, 24 - 7, 4x4 bicycle relay - Marc Christensen

9 June 2017

Training for a week long, 24 - 7,  4x4 bicycle relay 

How the heck do you do that? Over 3,000 miles, multiday, 24 -7 endurance race, done in short relay intervals? Yikes. I’ve asked a multi-race Tour de France finisher, an Olympic … 

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Zwift to RAAM in six months. Virtually ready by Fred Horwood

9 June 2017

It’s one week until I leave for Oceanside, California.  When I was asked in late December last year if I was interested in joining the team I answered yes without hesitating.  Although I was an alternate, I was excited about the … 

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The Training Game – Am I Ready for RAAM? by Stuart Baldwin

8 June 2017

The Training Game – Am I Ready for RAAM?

So what does it take to physically ride across America? Well, as I haven’t done it yet, I can only hope all the training I’ve been doing is going to be enough! I started ramping up my … 

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Training for the RAAM by Andy Cooper

7 June 2017

I started training for the RAAM on January 1, 2017. Call it the most intense New Year’s resolution ever — for me anyway. I weighed 205 pounds, had once biked a century ride (100 miles in a day) but that was 25 years ago, and didn’t … 

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