Swift Cards

£ 6.50

Pack of 5 cards with craft brown recycled envelopes

Size: 17cm x 11.5cm.

Left blank inside for your personal message.  Beautifully painted by wildlife artist Richard Allen.

All our charity notecards are printed on chlorine free FSC certified paper/card and fully recyclable.

Printed by Treloar, a charity enabling education for disabled young people.

Swifts need our help
Swifts only spend a few months in the UK each year, migrating here from Africa every spring to raise their young. But these aerial masters are now on the Red List of Birds of Conservation Concern in the UK. Their numbers fell by 62% between 1995 and 2021. The reasons behind their decline are not yet fully understood but loss of suitable nesting sites is part of the problem. They usually nest in small gaps high up on buildings and when buildings are renovated or demolished, Swift nests are lost.

You can help by adding a Swift box to your home.  For more information and details please contact Hampshire Swifts

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