Wildlife Postcard

£ 6.50

These gorgeous postcards are perfect for a writing a brief message. Beautiful watercolors by Felicity Buchanan, depicting wildlife. 

Pack of 6 cards plus envelopes.

Felicity Buchanan
Felicity has always had a passion for pattern, colour, interiors and objets d'art. Born in South Africa to a Swedish mother and English father, she embraced a South African way of life, but her parents' traditions and heritage has always had a strong influence on her.  Moving to the UK, she landed her dream job working for Robert Kime, renowned and respected interior decorator and antiques dealer.  It was a chance to learn and explore the makings of varied and beautifully detailed interiors where pattern is often heavily featured in designs.  

Leaving her career at Robert Kime for new adventures as a mother, she soon found a way to satisfy her inherent need to create and design by filling endless books with patterns, taking inspiration from the Hampshire countryside where she now lives and drawing on her childhood and travels around the world.  She also fell in love with the British flora and fauna around her.  She is a self taught artist and paints mainly in watercolour, however she loves exploring other mediums and finding new surfaces to paint on! 

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