Cameron died on December 17th 2013, aged just sixteen, in a tragic accident. He was a young man full of promise who was prematurely taken from us.  He will always be loved, missed and cherished by his family and friends.

From a very early age, he had an extremely strong love of nature. As he grew older, birding became his passion. He loved everything about birds: watching and observing them, photographing them, twitching (traveling sometimes huge distances to see a rare bird) keeping lists and records of birds seen, learning how to ring birds, as well as studying and recognising characteristics from his Collins UK Bird Guide and his Sibley North American Bird Guide.

He had his own ‘patch’ in Winchester where he observed and recorded bird life throughout the year.  He was always looking for ways to be involved in nature and participate in birding activities but often found it hard to find ways for young teenagers to get involved. Many projects and volunteering opportunities were not available till 18 years old. In his memory we therefore wish to create some new opportunities that are open to teenagers to discover the wonderful world of birds and nature.

Cameron started his own birding blog in 2012

Cameron's Bench

“We choose to place the bench, made in memory of Cameron, in the garden; a place enjoyed by all throughout the year but especially during the summer months, when intense games of Ultimate Frisbee regularly took place, ones in which Cameron often took part. Not only does the bench act as a place to enjoy the outdoors - something a keen birder like Cameron very much liked to do - but also as a reminder that Cameron will always be a very cherished member of Cook’s and the wider school community; one who will never be forgotten.”

by James Bird, a fellow Cookite at Winchester College.