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BTO Camp 2019

By: Michael Sinclair
28 May 2019

The BTO Bird Camp is a camp specifically run for young people who love nature and want to take a step further. It’s hosted by the British Trust for Ornithology and supported by the Cameron Bespolka Trust meaning it costs £25 for … 

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'The Little Fool'

By: Elliot Montieth
3 May 2019

A species I've not caught up with in a few years is the Eurasian Dotterel (Charadrius morinellus). Current figures estimate the breeding population of Britain, where the species is now restricted to breeding in the Scottish Highlands, to be between 5 … 

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Marsh Awards 2018

By: Louis Driver
27 October 2018

At break time this Wednesday, I left school early and headed to Hexham station to pick up fellow young birder Elliot Montieth. We had a long journey ahead of us – it’s quite far from inland Northumberland to London!

However, the journey … 

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In Search of a Richard's Pipit

By: Tommy Saunders
12 October 2018

Early morning on Saturday 15th September,I was hoping to go birding and saw that a Richard's Pipit had been reported at Pennington Marshes. I thought I might as well go down and have a look for it and maybe catch sight of a Spotted Crake.

I was … 

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eBird and Bird Track- Bringing ornithology into the 21st century

By: Amy Hall
14 September 2018

Ornithology is an ancient practise, reflecting a long held fascination in the avian aspect of our natural world. Look at early art from almost any culture, and there will be a depiction of a bird, or several. The winged wonders of the world, it is … 

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