And 6 days 15 hours and 22 minutes later, they arrived in Annapolis, Maryland! by Corinne

The Cycling for Cameron Team making their way to the finish line in the very beautiful City Dock Waterfront area of Annapolis at 6.40 am on Saturday 24th June.And passing through the Finish Line was a very proud and emotional moment for Kevin and the whole team.

The Racers and Crew on stage to acknowledge their huge achievement in an astonishing time of 6 days 15 hours and 22 minutes which was a really fantastic time considering the previous two nights had been extremely tough in very heavy rain conditions.

Celebrations followed with a huge breakfast and lots of coffee!!  

Fred Horwood's wife Gail joined us at the finish line as did Emily and Ellie, Andy Cooper's wife and daughter.

At the RAAM Awards ceremony.

Adil's moving tribute to Cameron.

Thank you to everyone for supporting and encouraging all of us all of the way.