Day 6 - Detour delay but still making good progress through Indiana and Illinois by Corinne

Marc, Mark, Fred and Chris made good time on their overnight shift, taking the racers into Illinois, where they did a shift handover at 4am local time. The start of their shift was a little hectic as the bus did not make it to the handover point due to road closures before the other riders got there. So the other team had to keep riding and we did a flying handover 20 miles further down the road. 

They made good time overnight, despite very poor directions that they were given for a route detour which took them off track for s short period of time. 

Nicky Szaparay congratualtes Xandi Meixner from Austria.  She is a physician and is a phenomenon in the ultra-endurance sports scene.  She is making incredible progress as a solo-RAAM participant.  Congratulations and good luck to Xandi!

Andy, Kevin, Nicky and Stuart are currently riding through Indiana and the team now has about 750 miles to the finish line. Terrain continues to be gentle rolling hills, which is a nice warm up for the Appalachian Mountains in West Virginia which has some of the toughest climbing of the whole race. There is a storm forecast for tomorrow so we are keeping our fingers crossed.