Hello from Oceanside!

Hello from Oceanside, California! The first members of our intrepid team have started to arrive to prepare for the big adventure ahead. The organization and planning that goes into a trip of this detail and length is massive, there have been quite a few Walmart runs already! Our bus arrives on Thursday and we have been busy kitting out with things from pots, pans, grills to toilet paper and laundry detergent. This will definitely be a life saver when we are out on the road as the bus will be our home and base for the week.

Amongst all the shopping we made our way to downtown Oceanside to see the start of RAW (Race Across the West) and the start of the single rider RAAM (Race Across America) competitors. It was exciting to see where we would be starting on Saturday and really got everyone excited to get on the road ourselves. The solo racers are incredible to attempt such a feat by themselves and we wish them all god speed and good luck.

The riders have been preparing by tapering down their rides and Kevin and Nicky took a nice ride down to the beach this morning and where pleasantly surprised by the bike lanes – like everything in America – bigger! The scenery is beautiful here, but with plenty of hills to practice for the ride ahead. Things are about to get busy as 10 more members of our team will be arriving tomorrow and that will kick everything into high gear.

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