Why RAAM? Chris Peters


I was originally asked if I would be interested in helping with mechanical support for an 8 man team doing Race Across America from my friend? Marc Christensen.  While I was considering taking on this giant task the role soon became, "we could use another rider as well."  Well now I can't say no to that!  

I have always loved riding my bike and have a hard time saying no to a good adventure!  I live in the mountains of Utah so my winter training mainly happens on skis.  Fortunately there are tons of xc trails for nordic skiing and some of the finest downhill skiing out there!  So staying motivated to train is not that difficult.  By mid March I was out on 2 wheels starting a more specific plan to get ready for RAAM.  Several trips to Moab kept my spirits high.  I am a mountain biker at heart but ever since having had the opportunity to guide road bike tours in Europe for Marty Jemison my perception of road biking has since changed.  I have enjoyed getting in multiple rides a day, usually a mtn ride before work and a road ride after to get prepared for our team strategy.  A few local races and lots of hours in the saddle and I feel I am ready to put myself to the test!  I can't wait to share this experience with my new group of friends and teammates!