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RSPB Rainham Marshes Young Birders Walk

By: Arjun Dutta
9 December 2019

In 2017, I started a blog thinking I was one of - if not the only - young birder in London, and certainly the only one from a minority background. By 2018, when I decided to give in to my 'anti social media' policy and get Twitter, it was a … 

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RSPB Youth Council Annual Trip

By: Kabir Kaul
9 December 2019

In September, I was lucky enough to elected as a member of the RSPB Youth Council, then called the Phoenix Forum. This is a group of ten young people from the RSPB who give a voice to the organisation’s youth membership.

It took two hours to … 

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Giving your school greenfingers

By: Ellie Micklewright
22 October 2019

I have been running, with the help from a few friends, a wildlife gardening club at my school for nearly two years, which is surprising to me. Not because that seems a long time, but because when you have to juggle exams, holidays and generally … 

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Cornell Lab of Ornithology Bird Event 2019

By: Alex Chapman
8 October 2019

So here I am, sat on my Laptop, in my brand-new Birding Office. The day is Thursday the 18th of July and I returned to England 3 days ago following possibly the best set of combined experiences of my life to date. My inspiration and motivation are … 

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Bardsey Young Birders Week

By: Guest Blogger
24 September 2019

Young birder George Thomas reports on his experiences at the Bardsey Young Birders Week which ran from 17th-24th August. It is an annual event organised by the Bardsey Bird and Field Observatory. This was a fantastic opportunity for … 

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