A collection of illustrated nature poems

Britain is a diverse tapestry, comprised of colourful plants, animals, fungi, and everything in-between which populate the cracks in our society, and call this green isle home. “Multi-coloured Ghost Towns” will be a fully-illustrated poetry collection of approximately 25-30 poems, exploring the UK’s diverse natural history.

From some of our most colourful and flamboyant species, such as the ruby-tailed wasp and the fly agaric; to some of our least known and most mysterious species – such as the mountain hare, and the purple sandpiper; these poems and their accompanying illustrations will bring Britain’s natural world to life in a way we’ve not seen it before.

The writer and illustrator will seek to engage a new audience with the natural world through artistic techniques. Creating a fully illustrated poetry book, potentially with guest contributions from other writers and artists, will help introduce a new audience to unusual species – particularly a younger audience, who may not be engaged with the natural world, but may love the arts and reading.

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May 2023 - Collecting Poems

January 2024 - Collection is Published

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