Bird observatory warden training week

Bangor University Birdwatching Society gave 10 members a Bird Observatory Training week at Bardsey Bird Observatory. The Young Naturalist Fund contributed some of the funds required to finance the week's activities.

This week was aimed at connecting individuals to Bird Observatories, showing how they operate and their importance whilst also boosting the individuals wildlife conservation skills. The hope is that will give them a  head start to their careers in conservation. The week was filled with activities such as a bird observatory style census, intertidal surveying, breeding bird surveying, Bird Observatory Assistant warden duties & ringing demonstrations.

Just had one of the best weeks of my life with Bangor University Birdwatching Society at Bardsey Bird Observatory. We had so many great experiences and saw some good birds including Alpine Swift, Dotterel, Jack Snipe...

Sophie Dorman

Bird ringing. Photo: Joel Tragen

An amazing Bird Obs Volunteer training week. A massive thank you to Steve and Emma Stansfield and Ollie King for putting together an epic week. Also a huge thank you the Cameron Bespolka Trust, Bangor Bird Group and the BTO for sponsoring the week!

Joel Tragen


Some of the participants. Photo: Joel Tragen

Some of the participants. Photo: Joel Tragen