Megan McCleverty

My name is Megan McCleverty, I am a 19-year-old wildlife enthusiast from Buckinghamshire. I am passionate about all elements of the natural world, especially birds, and currently studying Studying Zoology at Bristol. 

I became interested in wildlife at a young age through nature documentaries, such as those by David Attenborough, and by visiting my local nature reserve most weekends. Being able to engage with and learn about wildlife early on sparked my interest in the natural world.

I was lucky enough to attend the BTO bird camp in 2017 and 2018. This experience allowed me to access a whole new online community of like-minded people, many of whom I am still in contact with. This inspired me to start a blog and a twitter account which I now use to document and share my wildlife experiences with others. I am also a keen wildlife photographer and have been shortlisted for the British Wildlife Photographer of the Year (2018) and Bird Photographer of the Year (2019).  I use my photographs along with my twitter platform to describe my experience with the natural world.

I am enthusiastic about making a difference, whether that’s by volunteering at the BTO stand at Birdfair or by getting involved in practical conservation. I have volunteered at College Lake both in the work party and at the visitor centre. These volunteering experiences have fueled my interest in a career in conservation in the future.

I think that inspiring young people to get involved in wildlife is extremely important which is why I have become a member of the BTO’s youth advisory panel and am excited to support work of the Cameron Bespolka Trust in the future. Having experienced firsthand events sponsored by the Cameron Bespolka Trust via bird camp it is a privilege to be able to give back, help make a positive impact and inspire both my own and the next generation of nature enthusiasts.

 Megan McCleverty