Andrew Millham

I am a 20-year-old naturalist and nature writer from Essex. I am passionate about all aspects of nature, but my main interests are in wilderness areas (especially polar environments) and geology. After completing my A-Levels in Geography, Geology and English Literature, I received the Sean Corr Prize for Fieldwork Excellence and I am now studying towards an Environmental Science degree.

My passion for wildlife has taken me to some amazing places. For example, in the summer of 2017, I became stranded off the coast of West Ireland, when the wildlife safari rib engine broke down. A pod of dolphins quickly came to investigate, jumping out of the water in a 360˚ display of natural beauty. We had to make for the uninhabited Blasket Islands. It was magical.

I enjoy trying to merge science and art. I first did this by writing poetry. My nature poems were included in various magazines. This led me to write nature articles for magazines and I have had work included in publications such as Bird Watching, Essex Life, RHS The Garden, Coast, Scottish Field, Welsh Country, This England, and Scotland magazine. I wish to continue writing in the future.

Currently, I am a Media Officer for a youth conservation organisation called Reserva: The Youth Land Trust (@ReservaYLT), partnered with The Rainforest Trust, who are fundraising to create the world’s first entirely youth funded nature reserve in the Ecuadorian Chocó Rainforest. I have met some amazing young conservationists in this role!

Also, I volunteer regularly with Essex Wildlife Trust as a part of the education team, helping to lead Forest School, Young Ranger and Young Carer sessions both in and out of schools. It is so important that children are shown the value of nature, because nature-loving children grow into nature-loving adults. What do we do with the things we love? We protect them. Supporting The Cameron Bespolka Trust is an exciting opportunity that will allow me to continue learning and helping young people to connect with their local wildlife. I have witnessed first-hand that ‘children need nature, and nature needs children’.

  Andrew Millham  


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