Michael Sinclair

Former Young Ambassador

My name is Michael Sinclair and I’m a 14 year old Glasgow-based conservationist and environmental volunteer. I’m passionate about all aspects of nature but have a particular interest in ornithology and chiropterology (bats).  I’m also a Young Ambassador for Scotland the Big Picture, an organisation devoted to encouraging the rewilding of Scotland.

Like many Cameron Bespolka Trust Ambasadors I was first introduced to the organisation via the BTO Bird Camp. The first camp I attended  was truly transformational for me: introducing me to other keen naturalists of a similar age as well as a host of birding experts.  The event inspired me to become more active in my local community and work as a volunteer at my local nature reserve (Linn Park). Over the last 2 years I’ve built 60 nest boxes and 20 bat boxes for the reserve and have designed a long-term monitoring programme tracking their use. I blog regularly about my volunteering and nature interests on my website mikesnature.com.

It’s important that children are taught to respect nature from an early age and that there are fun and interesting ways to build their knowledge and confidence and maintain their interest over time. I’m particularly passionate about encouraging children from inner-city areas to engage more with nature and I’m regularly involved in speaking to groups (scouts, schools and volunteer organisations) about local wildlife projects.

I’m so proud to be an Ambassador for the Cameron Bespolka Trust and to spread the word about the wonderful work the organisation supports. I really believe that Scotland will benefit enormously from the profile and support that the Trust will be able to offer. My aim is to encourage  more young people to develop their love and respect of nature and help to develop the next generation of conservationists.

In the future I would love to have a conservation-related job. I’m not sure exactly what, but I do know is that it will need to something that allows me to do practical work in the great outdoors!


  • BTO Camp 2019

    The BTO Bird Camp is a camp specifically run for young people who love nature and want to take a step further. It’s hosted by the British Trust for Ornithology and supported by the Cameron Bespolka Trust meaning it costs £25 for everything.

    Friday After a 12 hour long car journey with a few stops and a bit of traffic, I arrived at camp for 4:35pm. My parents and brother dropped me off at site, then left to go down to London where they saw a show and stayed overnight. They must …