Margaret Fykes beautiful picture of a raccoon takes first prize in the Florida's Birding and Photo Fest

Florida's Birding and Photo Fest in St. Augustine, Florida, takes place in April every year.  The Cooper, Dahlstrom and Schnyder families have so kindly sponsored a Young Birders Photography category in Cameron’s memory. 

2019 Results

The Florida Birding and Photo Fest has been wrapped up for another year and once again we were treated to an array of striking images.

The first prize went to Margaret Fykes, aged 8. from Vero Beach for her beautiful photograph of a Raccoon. Second place was awarded to Emma Campanellie, aged 10, of Palm Coast for capturing a pair of Great Egrets buiiding a nest. Jake Turner, aged 12, took third for his photo of a Spoonbill entitled 'Pink Angel'.

Congratulations to those who made the short list and thank you to all entrants for supporting the event. See you in 2020.


The Winners

1st Prize: Margaret Fykes (Aged 8) - Raccoon 

1st Margaret Fykes - Raccoon


2nd Emma Campanellie (Aged 10) - Building the Nest

2nd Emma Campanellie - Building the Nest


3rd Jake Turner (Aged 12) - Pink Angel

3rd Jake Turner - Pink Angel