In celebration of the 2022 Platinum Jubilee, one of our Young Ambassadors Kabir Kaul has created this project for 70 schools in the 32 London boroughs and the City of London to sign up to receive a nest box for their school grounds. 

We are thrilled to support this project as the Cameron Bespolka Trust, with our commitment to creating ways for young people to engage with their local wildlife. We are grateful too for the support of C.J. Wildlife who are supplying the bird boxes. These boxes will attract a variety of garden birds.  C.J Wildlife offer a wide variety of high-quality products for garden birds, squirrels, bats and insects.  They work closely with the Cameron Bespolka Trust Young Ambassadors and support many of their projects. 

“I hope that, in celebration of the Queen’s seventieth year on the throne, this initiative will help to introduce urban nature to children in London in a most simple way. Now, more than ever, we need younger generations to value the natural environment around them, especially in cities, where many more of us will be living in the near future.”

Kabir Kaul, Young Ambassador

We have now given away over 70 nest boxes and applications are now closed.

Swift Conservation
We are delighted to also have the support of Swift Conservation Organisation. They are providing additional boxes for any school who has a suitable site for a Swift Box. Swifts are in huge decline and this is mainly due to lack of habitat. Swift boxes need to be high up and on buildings and do not need trees and green spaces. Your school could therefore be a perfect place to put up a Swift box and help these beautiful birds breed successfully. The Swift Conservation Organisation are hoping that there will be many new suitable sites for them to provide a free and much needed home to.  For more information on Swifts, please visit:

For more information download the press release 


C J Wildlife

Young Ambassador, Kabir Kaul - photo: Gayatri Kaul

70 nest boxes for garden birds will be offered to Schools in London

Swift conservation

Is your school a suitable place for a Swift box?

Swifts in their nest