Woolston Eyes Nature Reserve Walk

I set an early wake-up call this morning to lead the 'Bespolka Bird Walk' at Woolston Eyes Nature Reserve near Cheshire.

We had several drop out at the last minute but still I'm happy that some could make it. The group enjoyed sightings of a wide range of species at the reserve from Black-necked Grebe and Garganey to 'British' Speckled Wood and Broad-leaved Helleborine butterflies.

The early risers were rewarded with an enjoyable walk around the reserve

Many thanks go to Brian Martin from the Woolston Eyes Conservation Group for helping guide the group around this small but mighty reserve. They loved learning about Woolston's history and future potential as a sanctuary for wildlife.

These walks are a small but significant part of the work we do at the Cameron Bespolka Trust, educating today's youth on the opportunities available and highlighting what's around them in the world of nature. We try to engage them with nature projects and their local reserves, encouraging them to follow their love for nature. We support anyone and everyone where we can. At the end of the day, children need nature and nature needs children.

Young Ambassadors are working in association with CJ Wildlife.


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