Max Hellicar

I'm Max Hellicar, based in Essex, and enthusiastic about all things nature. I have been for as long as I can remember, with particular passions for ornithology, scientific monitoring, ecology and conservation.

I hope to have a future working very closely with birds and data science, and am striving to pursue a career which would allow me the privilege of working every day with the subject which I am most passionate about.

I’ve been very lucky to have had some fantastic opportunities in 2017, of which a major highlight was being selected to visit The Cornell Lab of Ornithology to attend their annual Young Birders’ Event in July. The opportunity to visit Cornell at this early stage in my career was absolutely amazing and was an incredible boost to my determination, further expanding my mind to the many different fields which sit within the scientific ornithological sector. It gave me a clearer understanding of how best to achieve my ultimate goal of working for a scientific ornithological research organisation, and I am very grateful to The Trust and Cornell Lab for this privilege.

I’ve always admired the great work which The Cameron Bespolka Trust does to encourage young naturalists. It’s been great to be more involved with The Trust and I am now looking forward to writing blog pieces, which I hope you enjoy reading as much as I enjoy writing them.

Max Hellicar


  • Cornell 2017 - What I got out of the event

    The Cornell Young Birders’ Event 2017 was absolutely amazing. Words don’t do justice to how incredible these few days truly were… 

    It was a privilege and absolutely fantastic to learn and be given advice from those at the top of the profession which I hope to go into, on both career paths and ways to get into the scientific ornithological sector, as well birding in general. I learnt a lot about the identification of species which were previously unfamiliar to me, as …